Have you ever felt a wave of pure joy and serenity wash over you? Maybe you felt it while baking your favorite treat, or biking down your favorite trail. You may have even felt it while putting on a silly puppet show! For me, I feel joy whenever I help somebody. It could be as big as raising money for charity, or as small as holding the door for someone. No matter the action, whenever I help others, I feel happy.

Scientists say that helping others is proven to not only make the person you’re helping happy, but make you happy as well! And it’s true. Whenever I help someone, my heart fills with joy. It brings me so much satisfaction to see that my actions can impact someone else’s life in such a delightful way. Helping others is my favorite way to brighten up a bad day, and the best way to help others is by volunteering.

Volunteering is my favorite way to make an impact on others lives, and it always makes me feel so elated. I recently applied to be on the teen advisory board for Generation SERVE, so that I can volunteer all the time. Besides that, I’ve been making a point to attend volunteering activities in my free time, and I suggest that you do too. Helping others is one of the greatest joys of life, and I believe that everyone should take part in it.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t be afraid to help someone out. They’ll be happier, you’ll be happier. It’s a win-win situation! So, try to help others every chance you get, because a few helping hands can brighten up the world. 

Photo taken by Saiph Muhammad on Unsplash©

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