When you think of a robot, you might think of one of those cartoon toys, or a small spherical bot that you can control with an ipad. But recently, a new way to use machines and code has taken the spotlight. AI, or artificial intelligence, is a simulation of natural intelligence using machines. AI has opened the world to a bunch of new possibilities, but also a lot of new problems. Let’s look at a few.

While AI has opened a lot of new opportunities, it also closed many as well. Being able to do many jobs almost as well as humans can, AI is capable of stealing many creative jobs such as writers, artists, and photographers. For example, it’s a lot cheaper to buy a computer-generated piece of art than a hand-painted one, so even if the hand-painted art is better than the AI one, more people would buy the AI art. This could cause many people to fall into poverty, while a select number of people become richer and richer.

On the other hand, AI has the potential to make life a lot easier. We already see sneak peeks of this with Google Home and Alexa. That makes a life with AI very appealing. AI as a business could also make a lot of money, since it’s such an innovative, modern way of living. AI is also a very useful tool to solve many first-world problems. For example, AI has been used to detect credit card fraud, which is a big deal. AI could drastically change our way of living in a flash.

AI is such an amazing human invention that really showcases how far humans have come in the realm of technology. How can we use this new tool to better the world?

Examples of AI:

Artificial Voice Acting

Artificial Face Generating

Art made by AI                                                                                         -Diya V.

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