Volcanos, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis

Volcanos, earthquakes, and tsunamis are all frightening and destructive natural disasters,
but did you know that they’re all connected? One of these disasters can cause another, leading to
even BIGGER disasters. It’s crazy but they all have scientific explanations that make a lot more
For instance, volcanoes can lead to earthquakes. Not all earthquakes are formed by
volcanoes, but many are. Volcanoes normally happen in between tectonic plates, where the earth’s
crust is weaker and shifts a lot, causing magma from the mantle to exert pressure on the crust,
cracking it and making a volcano. Similarly, earthquakes happen when tectonic plates bump and
shift against each other, making the ground crack and move. Since volcanoes fracture the ground
just like earthquakes, many volcanoes can cause earthquakes.
Just like how volcanoes can cause earthquakes, earthquakes can cause tsunamis. Big
earthquakes on the marine floor can cause huge waves that strike land and become tsunamis. This
process doesn’t happen quite as often, and it’s really destructive & dangerous, obviously. When you
think about it, tsunamis are kind of like the aquamarine version of an earthquake.
Natural disasters are nothing to laugh at, and they can cause people to lose everything
they own. These double disasters are even worse. If you want to help people that are stuck in these
terrifying situations, you could donate to charities dedicated to helping disaster survivors.

By: Diya V.

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