Tips and Tricks: Writing

Sometimes I have a writer’s block, or my storyline is choppy, or maybe my beginning is boring. Has any of this happened to you before? Well, if so, I suggest trying the tips I give you, to make your writing smooth, creative, and fun! Let’s start with tip number one!

When you’re having a writer’s block, and don’t know what to put on your paper, there are two things I like to try! One thing I do is read, watch, or listen to someone else’s creation, whether it be music or words. Other’s ideas can help to spark your own. Another thing that I try a lot is to go out in nature. Some of my best ideas come from simple outdoor things, like flowers or deer! Just a walk around your neighborhood can make your imagination go wild!

Sometimes when I look at my writing, I realize that the story I wanted to convey didn’t come out as I’d hoped. That’s because, when you write down your fresh idea, it’s hard to realize that your story isn’t as clear as it should be. There are a few ways to fix this. You can ask a friend to look over your work and point out inconsistencies, or places where you don’t make sense. Another thing you can do is read it yourself. Just start from the beginning and read it! If you read your writing with a fresh mind, it helps you find places that are confusing.

Now, last tip. What do you do when your introduction isn’t catchy? Whether it be a story or an essay, that’s a big problem. No one will continue reading a boring book! One thing I like to try is to use a hook. A hook is a sentence that grabs the reader’s attention. My favorite hooks are questions and dialogue. At the beginning of your article or essay, ask the reader a question relating to your article, like I did at the beginning of this one! It helps to interest the reader if the article asks a question that they wonder a lot about themselves. If you’re writing a story, I suggest including some interesting dialogue at the beginning. Make it surprising and funny, so the reader wants to know what happened next. These hooks can make a reader keep reading, so that they stay for the fun parts!

These tips can make a big difference to your writing. I hope you try them out!

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